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Jewellery Rentals
The procedure entails thus: clients comes to the office or online. Fills out a registration form after which the client is shown the selection available and then makes a choice. The client must place as security gold jewellery equivalent in value to the cost of the jewellery to be rented. Rental fee is 10% flat of the cost of jewellery to be rented Duration of rental per jewellery is three days. However, if the jewellery is rented on a Thursday, the items are expected to be returned on the following Monday as the office is not open on Sundays. The client will sign an agreement that gives the company (Bucknor & Grandels Limited) the right to take possession of the gold placed as security in the event of loss of jewellery. If the jewellery is not returned on due date, a deficit charge of 10% of the value of the jewellery will be charged within a period of three days after which a further 10% of the value will be charged per day. If the jewellery is still not returned. At the end of seven days, the jewellery placed as collateral will be realized. In the event that the jewellery is damaged upon return, the cost of fixing the jewellery will be determined by the goldsmith, the cost of which will be borne by the client. If it is damaged beyond repair, then the gold placed as security will be realized. Our exceptional experience in world-class bullion services, enable us to provide the following customer-friendly services

Purchase of Gold
For example if in the last one week gold price has dropped 5% we adjust our rate by discounting the world price by 10% (the bench mark) + 7% (covering 5% price fall and provision of another 2% peradventure it drops further before the closes of Business for that day). This way whenever we make purchases, we are adequately covered and when prices shoot up we are better off.
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