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Our exceptional experience in world-class bullion services, enable us to provide the following customer-friendly services:

Purchase of GoldSale of Gold JewelriesTrade-insQuick Fix RepairsJewellery RentalsBuy-Back SchemeOfficial Jewellers for Occasions

Purchase of Gold

This involves the outright purchase of gold items in whatever form and condition. The most important factor here is the determination of the item as real gold. These gold pieces may come in form of jewelries (bad, broken unwanted, old fashioned and at times fairly new classic) and it could also come in form of a gold nugget (semi - refined chunk) or gold dust (the original state - powder like form).

Read our terms & conditions

Sale of Gold Jewelries

Check out our online list of exquisite Jewelries. Or call us on 234 708 672 7460 to make a purchase.

Gold & Jewelries Trade-ins

In a situation a customer wishes to exchange old gold jewelries for new ones. The value of the customer’s jewellery is discounted and the worth is matched with value of the new jewelries and "set off".

Gold Quick Fix Repairs

Bucknor & Grandels is fully equipped with world-class bullion service technology and equipment handled by highly qualified and well-trained goldsmiths. Services offered but not limited to, include:

Washing/cleaning of jewelries
Rhodiuming of jewelries
Fixing or changing of hooks and clasps
Shortening of lengths of necklaces, bracelets etc
Stone replacement
Customized jewellery creation
Ring reduction and expansion

Jewellery Rentals

This is our new offering at Bucknor & Grandels for investors who desire to use exclusive jewelries to occasions but cannot afford to buy new ones. Read our terms

Buy ‘n’ Sell Back Scheme

Bucknor & Grandels offers customers who sold their jewelries to us, a buy-back facility for a period between 30-90 days.Read our terms

Official Jewellers for all occasions

This is a premium service for exclusive customers who require personalised service. Our dedicated support staff  would guide you in choosing the right type of jewellery for the occasion.